Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nat Geo, Weird Creatures and Wild Sex

In the last few weeks I've been pretty busy. Let's see if I can make this short. First, Jonas and I spent two weeks on the Grand Canyon. Then we went skydiving for 3 days in Arizona. We followed that up by a two week snowmobile shoot in northern Michigan. While we were in Michigan though, National Geographic contacted us about a new show they were filming called the World's Weirdest.

Apparently they wanted a bunch of experts to summarize the videos onscreen. Since half of what we do is our Untamed Biodiversity stuff, I thought we fit the bill pretty well. Since Jonas, Haley and myself wer all here in Charlotte, the crew came to us. I suppose that makes the overal production the cheapest. In doing so we hooked up with the other two wildlife experts, Roland Kays and Carin Bondar. I've shot a few videos with Roland before, like this one in Kenya.

Carin is someone I've never shot with, but thought it would be fun to shoot this little short:

Carin hosts a few online web series, and is an all around cool person. She's very down to earth, and fits the biologist persona pretty well. I encourage you to follow more of what she's doing here:

If you don't already know of Carin and her work, you should check out what she's doing. Here are the best ways to follow her:
Her Web site:
On Twitter: @drbondar
Youtube -
Facebook -

Wild Sex Series:

You've been warned: