Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Grand Canyon - Trip of Lifetime

We all have bucket lists with far away places that we really want to visit. Most trips seem to come from those lists. However, I never really thought about kayaking the Grand Canyon until about two months ago when I was asked to join a trip. It turned out to be a trip of lifetime. 

Jonas Stenstrom and I embarked on a trip down the 225 mile route down the canyon in February of 2013. Our task was simple, document the trip in as cool a way as we could. In truth we planned to make a few different documentaries. We were planning a video on the "Physics of Heat." We also wanted to make a few "How-to-timelapse" videos. Plus, more than ever we thought this would be a great location for our new "About Untamed Science" clip. 

Here are some of the pics we snapped along the way. To see our video, subscribe to both our Untamed Science and Rob Nelson Films Youtube Channels

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