Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Caught in a Tornado

A couple years ago, when we were filming our middle grades science series for Pearson Publishing, Haley and I were tracking tornadoes with storm chasers in Oklahoma. After a month of driving countless miles through the plains, we still hadn't really seen a good twister. So, we took a week off. I wasn't checking the weather and decided to go for a nice little jog at my parents house in Dallas. Low and behold, the tornado sirens started going off. I looked up and there was rotation in the clouds! I ran into the house, grabbed the camera and took off with Haley to look for a tornado. Unfortunately, we didn't read it quite right and got stuck in the middle of the twister. Here is this week's podcast, that talks about what each level of tornado damage actually means.

And if you're still interested in this, you should check out the unedited Flower Mound tornado footage, describing exactly what happened.

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